• Bridgette Macilwaine

Feeding the local community

Growing food to support the local community is of great importance at our Whitehawk community garden project.

With the cost of living rising across the UK, we're feeling the pinch on our pockets when it comes to one of the most important parts of our life......our food! Food to help nourish us, strengthen us, bring people together, help our bodies heal and keep us healthy.

As part of supporting our local community we regularly donate organically grown fruit, herbs, edible flowers and vegetables to local community food banks, churches and kitchens. Some of these include the Whitehawk food bank, the Real junk food project, East Brighton Food Co-op, Brighton women's centre, The Vale Food Kitchen and Craven Vale Food Bank.

With the help of the volunteers and members we are able to grow a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs for donation across the seasons to help relieve the strain on the local community when it comes to access to healthy organic produce either at affordable prices or as free meals.

We try to deliver our produce as fresh as possible, and harvest the food on the morning that it would be delivered to the specific location, and as we are a community space at the top of the hill, we rely on our wonderful dedicated volunteers to walk down into the surrounding areas to deliver the donations, which also limits the quanitity which one person can carry. Occasionally we are able to deliver by car if a volunteer has one near the garden, but we try our best to share fresh produce as much as possible.

If you're interested in joining us, we're always open to welcome new volunteers, no matter your interest, whether it be learning more about gardening, growing your own food, soil health, improving your fitness, improving your mental health, connecting with the community or would love to simple sit in nature with a cup of tea.....head to the contact page and let us know!


Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or would love to join us at Whitehawk, head to the contact section and let us know!