• Bridgette Macilwaine

Spring clearance and updates

As the colours emerge, new leaves unfurl and the daylight lengthens, our wonderful volunteers have put a great effort into upgrading and caring for the Project, ready for the busy months of growing and community activities ahead.

We are aware there are wheelchair users who would love to visit the site, sit amongst the trees in the lovely garden and chat to the friendly chickens, but sadly the site hasn't been very accessible to wheelchair users.

Amazing teamwork here clearing and levelling a weeded and uneven strip alongside the chicken run, connecting to an existing opening in our boundary planting which directly connects to the access track around the allotment site. This path has been carried on through the garden to allow access to the firepit and socializing spaces further within the garden.


The hut has been given some life back to it as it had become full of storage items and the furniture no lunger accessible or usable. A full days job removing everything form inside the hut, sweeping, clearing cobwebs and sorting rubbish from cushions, reading books and children’s toys.

We are pleased to shared this space with the community as a comfortable and spacious resting room, prayer room, reading and learning area, where we have included a free library resource to all volunteers, as well as the addition of a new storage box to help keep the space tidy.


We now have a levelled outdoor yoga space, set within the trees, to use for the warmer summer garden yoga sessions, allowing a more immersive experience of peace, calm and connection to nature.


Several other site activities have included:

  • tidying and clearing around the firepit area

  • brambles cleared, cut and removed, with the areas being prepared to be replaced with wildlife friendly shrubs.

  • rubbish collected and removed with the aim to reduce plastic use on site

  • construction of raised planters for easier use by those with back issues (a further article to follow with more information)

Thank you to everyone for your amazing efforts so far these last couple of months, helping to care for and improve our wonderful community green space.


Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or would love to join us at Whitehawk, head to the contact section and let us know!