• Bridgette Macilwaine

Brighton & Hove funding support

Our community garden relies on the support & effort from our amazing weekly volunteers, material sourcing, committeee meetings and generous funding to help run this beautiful green space.

A very big thank you to Brighton and Hove Council who have helped support us with funding towards improving the community garden and supporting activities which we share with the local community.

Our project helps support a range of people and age ranges from the local community, to include families, schools, single parents, those who struggle with mental health issues and others aiming to learn new skills.

The range of activities we have been able offer has been appreciated by all members and volunteers, expressing enjoyment at learning varying new skills and knowledge. Members have shared that they feel uplifted and energised at the end of a session in the garden, many expressing that they have had respite from their mental health difficulties.

Activities we’ve been able to support thanks to the funding we were provided:

  • Designing and planting a medicinal herb garden learning about herbal medicine and making simple herbal preparations

  • Volunteers communally building a timber workshop space to hold various heritage arts and crafts sessions and workshops.

  • Communal cooking and eating sessions to alleviate food poverty (on social educational and financial levels) - read more here

  • Harvesting organic produce to deliver by donation to local food banks, women’s centre and community kitchens. to help alleviate food poverty - read more here

  • Sharing knowledge on the benefits of fermentation and practical sessions for service users to take part in and take away what has been made.

  • Collecting and processing food waste from local food banks and community kitchens in our compost systems.

  • Family pond and wildlife sessions in collaboration with Froglife - read more here

  • Summer solstice celebration open to the local community to strengthen community bonds and combat social isolation

  • In response to mass decline in pollinators designing and working on a garden to support pollinators to also be used as an educational resource

  • Local school eco club visits to learn about sustainable organic gardening and connect with nature.

  • Support visit from local compost expert who advised us on managing our compost systems effectively and took soil samples.

  • Advice and support on designing and implementing a sustainable and efficient irrigation system.

  • Work completed on a yoga space and weekly yoga sessions offered to service users

  • Weekly sessions at the community garden for families to meet up offering an inclusive, supportive nurturing space for nature-based learning

We look forward to more exciting, educational and fun activities planned for the community garden over the next coming months!


Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or would love to join us at Whitehawk, head to the contact section and let us know!